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'Reflections - LA 4K' Released

Excited to announce that my latest short 'Reflections - LA 4K' has just been released and was chosen as a Staff Pick at Vimeo!

I started off my photography career tethered to the ground, often shooting timelapse photography, which meant I was dedicating a lot of time to one specific shot without the ability to move around too much. Shooting timelapse is a great way to learn how to shoot because it teaches you to preempt changing weather and lighting conditions and to 'love your shot' because once it was running, you can't change it.

Shooting aerials is basically the total opposite of timelapse because you have an amazing freedom to basically attain almost any angle from any vantage point that would otherwise be impossible to shoot. Naturally I fell in love with it instantly.

I spent a couple of months shooting 'Reflections' using my DJI Inspire 2 and Mavic Pro and had a fun time revisiting familiar locations but this time with the freedom of flight and wanted to try creating a city built upon a city. I have seen many mirrored films that kaleidoscope shots but I really wanted to create a piece that showed the duality of a city as it seemingly breathes throughout the day.

I have to say, there was no real deep meaning behind 'Reflections'; I just wanted to create something fun and energetic that my 2 year old son could watch and be inspired by so, with that said, I hope you enjoy it and hope that it inspires you as well.

I'd also like to dedicate this video to the memory of Ed Phillips of Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc., who gave me a chance early on when I first started shooting timelapse and sponsored me with my first motion control slider and a bunch of grip equipment which I used to shoot my short films 'Nightfall', 'Town of Ghosts' and 'City Lights'. That was a remarkable time in my life and I owe a lot of it to him to helping to make it possible.


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