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LOS ANGELES - Deer Dog Visuals takes to the air to film BLACKPINK's final North American tour performances for their BORN PINK tour.

If you happened to be at the Blackpink concerts in Los Angeles and you were somehow able to see the sky through the mesmerizing lasers, lights, smoke and pyrotechnics, then perhaps you saw some drones in the air... Well that was us.

We spent two days shooting some fun video content, using the DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7 along with the Mavic 3 to shoot aerial timelapse.

I have to admit, I'd never been to a concert like this where the audience also happens to be part of the show itself. As you can see in the shot above, each audience member wielded color-changing, LED heart hammers that amplified the whole experience. The energy from the show was palpable.

The girl group began their Born Pink World Tour in Seoul before departing on a 14-show North American tour that culminated with back-to-back performances in Los Angeles on November 19 and 20.


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