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Colin Rich Near Space 5


Colin Rich Near Space Pacific Star 3

Colin Rich

Founder, Deer Dog Visuals

Deer Dog Visuals was founded in 2010 after the success of my first viral video, 'Pacific Star II', where I hacked a GPS system and programmed several cheap cameras I purchased off of ebay to take pictures and video from 127,000' above California.


The project's success sparked off inquiries to launch similar projects for organizations such as Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, the Department of Energy, Nat Geo and more. Needing to start a company quickly, I took a picture of my dog, photoshopped some antlers on her head for a logo, and got to work! 

I also started shooting more short time-lapse films, notably 'LA Light', 'Nightfall' and 'City Lights' which also went viral and spawned my professional work in motion control time-lapse.


Since then, I have had the fortune to create captivating stories by utilizing cutting-edge camera equipment and good old-fashioned storytelling, in order to showcase brands in a positive light and usually in ways that diverge from 'normal' perspectives.

From my work directing and shooting the Official LA28 Olympics bid film, 'Follow the Sun' to recently shooting the opening and closing sequences for Apple's latest WWDC22, I always put everything I have into my work as it is not only a representation of the brand I am working for, but also of myself, my work ethic, and my passion to create beautiful imagery.

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