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OUE Skyspace LA Gets a 360 Time Lapse Installation by Colin Rich

Colin Rich and Deer Dog Productions was tasked by OUE to create a unique ultra high resolution 360 degree video installation at Skyspace LA.  The screens, developed by Gensler, are all encompassing and a unique design that required custom tailored footage at a very narrow guage aspect ratio. Not 4K, not 8K, not even 10K!  This presentation, shot on a multitude of Phaseone 100mp cameras is presented in mind blowing immersive 18K resolution.

Two screens. 9 Proejctors. 18K resolution.

Walking out of the elevators of the 54th floor at Skyspace LA you will see the entrance to 'Ascension' . The 360-degree video room, shaped in a semi ellipsoid oval, has an overall screen size of 50' and 30' and utilizes a total of nine color blended projectors to present a 3 minute ambiance of Los Angeles. 

A Unique Presentation.

The goal here was to showcase LA's many unique angles but also creating a unique reflection of city life, presented in time lapse photography. One of the special qualities of using such a high resolution presentation and capture is the fine details that are captured and the ability to present multiple stories on one screen. From one angle, the viewer may see a wide vista of LA, while another viewer, closer to the screen can watch someone walk their dog down the street. No detail is lost in large format presentation. 

If you are in Los Angeles, I invite you to check out the 54th floor of Skyspace LA to watch our 360 degree video installation, 'Ascension'.


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