In 2010 I moved back to LA after living in NYC for almost a decade and didn't know what I wanted to do, so, bored out of my mind I decided to send a cheap point and shoot camera that I bought off of ebay for $43.00 into (near) space.

Colin Rich

Founder, Creative Director at Deer Dog Visuals

Of course, simple ideas can sometimes turn out to be complicated endeavors and after a bit of trial and error, my little balloon project was able to hoist a camera to an altitude of 121,000 feet, take pictures and video of the curvature of the earth, then safely parachute back down. I cut together a a short little video of the project, put it on the interwebs, and my life changed overnight.  

I founded Deer Dog Visuals shortly after embracing the central idea of creating amazing content that would always push the visual bar.  Since then, the videos I've created have garnered over 30 million views and allowed me to work and collaborate with amazing brands and even represent the City of Los Angeles in their 2028 Olympic Bid.

I will embrace any medium, technology, or camera system, to squeeze out visual nectar and hone in on the core of what will create an emotional reaction.

I do it because I love it.

Let us create something amazing for you.

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