Colin Rich

Founder, Creative Director at Deer Dog Productions



I'm not really big on mission statements. 


To be honest, I've been very lucky to be able to do what I love for my career and I think that this love translates into the work we make.


I founded Deer Dog Productions in 2011 after releasing my first two viral projects on Vimeo. You get that Staff Pick on your film and the viewer count comes to life; there's no way my mom could have watched my videos 2 million times.

Those days were incredibly exciting. I started getting emails and calls from people about working on projects and commercials but I had no company and most importantly no logo.

It was at this point that I figured out why we see so many interesting production company names and logos before a movie starts.


I had a golden retriever named Sadie. A truly wonderful dog. She was as red as an Irish Setter and had long legs like a deer that she used to jump over my couch. Deer Dog was born about ten minutes later in Photoshop.

What I can say about what we do is that we are purveyors of beautiful imagery. We love a good story. We aren't a giant company but we tackle large projects and put great care and love into the work we make.





Colin Rich

Founder Deer Dog Productions